The medium of institution is English. The languages taught at Primary level:

 i. Tamil          ii. English            iii. Hindi

III Languages offered in STD VI to IX level:

i. Hindi        ii. French

The Languages taught  STD X is :

i. Tamil

The languages taught in the Hr. Sec. School level:

 i. Tamil         ii. Hindi        iii. French     iv. German


L.K.G            :    English, Numbers, Conversation, Activity, Story Telling, Scripture,  Arts & Craft, and Physical Education

U.K.G           :    English, Numbers Works, Language Skills, Rhymes & Stories, Conversation, Scripture, Moral Science, Arts & Craft, and Physical Education

STD I to V    :    English, Tamil, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Science, General Knowledge, Computer Science, Language Skills, Arts & Craft, Music, Scripture                         /Moral  Science and Physical Education

Std VI – X     :    Language, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science,Computer Science, Arts & Craft and Physical Education.


The various clubs organize periodical programmes and competitions of the students. The last period of every Friday is the Club activity period. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in elocution, dance, drama, quiz, debates, essay writing, creative writing, painting, vegetable carving, flower arrangement, clay modeling, hand crafts etc. Games and athletics are also emphasized and developed at M.C.C. Exposure to these school level and inter school competitions will help the children to identify their talents and nurture them. Thus the ultimate objective of developing the overall personality of the child will be achieved.

HAND WRITING CLASSES :    Apart from the regular classes, children in primary classes have handwriting training as part of the curriculum.

SPORTS : Sports is an integral part of education at MCC. Students are given special coaching and are encouraged to participate in Zonal, District, State, National Meets.

MARTIAL ARTS : Karate and Taekwon-do are taught in the evening hours enabling the students to participate and win laurels in District, State and National Meets. These arts of sharpen the mind, improve confidence, self control and build up the emotional and physical stamina.

SCHOOL BAND : The school has a band trained by a professional. Interested students may join the band which will be in attendance for all school functions.

SCHOOL CHOIR :  The Junior and Senior choirs trained by the school music teacher make the morning assembly lively and enjoyable. Students who wish to join the choir may approach the music teacher.

THE SCHOOL LIBRARY : Counseling cell:    The school has an in house counsellor, an expert who counsels the students and parents facing emotional and academic challenges.

COUNSELING CELL : The school has an in house counsellor, an expert who counsels the students and parents facing emotional and academic challenges.


  • Scouts Movement
  • Junior Red Cross
  • N.S.S.
  • Road Safety Patrol