There is an ancient story, which tells that Constantine, Emperor of Rome, was facing a critical situation in the year A.D.312. An Enemy was approaching and it was known that he was seeking the aid of magic for the struggle. Constantine spent some time in meditation, and saw the futility of the many gods whom he has been trying to worship without avail. He resolved to turn to the one God whom his father had often told him about. Suddenly, in his meditation, he looked up and there in the sky he saw, brighter than the sun, a shining Cross with words “IN HOC SIGNO VINCE” in this sign, Conqueror.

Perplexed with this vision, he fell asleep, and dreamed that Jesus Christ Himself appeared to him, holding the same sign and directing him to have it displayed on a banner. It became the symbol used by his whole family. The Cross takes the central place on our shield not only because of the association with the MOTTO, but also it signifies for us what God, in His own person, has done for all humanity. The symbol is combined with an Anchor, which signifies Hope. The Crest of shield is a hand with two fingers pointed upwards to heaven. This may be taken, as the blessing of the Church upon the School, and also serves to remind us that education is to be a preparation not only for this life, but also for the life beyond to which, through our work here, God is calling us.