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PrincipalCelebration of Childhood

Childhood in all its innocence and beauty is a glorious period which needs to be cherished and nurtured with all care. But unfortunately, in reality many children are robbed of this transient period in a heartless and thoughtless manner. Crimes against children are rampant and parents do not seem to realize the great responsibility they shoulder. Wordsworth, the great Romantic poet, in his enchanting poem on ‘The Rainbow’ said,
“The child is the father of the man”

a line pregnant with deep truths of life. He echoed the same sentiment expressed in the Bible by the wise king Solomon. Wordsworth by his oft quoted and misunderstood line meant that man is the product of his habit and behaviour developed during his childhood. The Bible also tells us, “Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure and whether it be right”. So let’s resolve to safe guard this precious innocence of childhood and strive to inculcate in the children the basic values and good habits which turn them into good men and women later in life.

Mrs. Revathy Bonns M.A.,M.Ed.,P.G.D.P.C., 
Principal & Correspondent


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I am very happy to announce that we secured 99.4% pass in both Hr. Sec. and Matriculation Board Examinations. Master Sharada Prasad V emerged school topper with 1186 / 1200 in the Hr. Sec. Board Exam and in the Matriculation Board Exams, it is Master B. Sruthi who emerged topper with 493 / 500. Sharada Prasad V. secured 100 % in both Chemistry & Computer Science in the Hr. Sec. Exam and B. Sruthi secured 100% in Maths in the Matriculation Exam. We praise and thank the Lord Almighty for the excellent result, that has been bestowed upon us year after year.

The school year started with a very rewarding prayer session conducted by Dr. S. W. Chandra Sekar which was followed by highly informative knowledge transfer from eminent scholars and psychiatrists like Miss Shanthi Manual, Ret. Principal of Lady Doak College and Board member MCC, Dr. (Mrs.) Shanthi Davidar and Mrs. Shalini Manohar. On 2nd June we had orientation training programmes for the teachers organized by Net Link Technologies and Green Garden Hand writing experts. On 15th June Dr. Vijay from Max Academy conducted a special training programme for the teachers on memory skill techniques and effective teaching.
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